Dynamic School Web

Dynamic SchoolWeb “connects” Administration, Classroom and Home
School Management via
Dynamic SchoolWeb
Totally Integrated – In One Database – On The Web
Anytime / Anywhere Access

Dynamic SchoolWeb is Web-based so administrators and teachers can access and manage the data and information they need any time, from anywhere! Parents can view own result, result compare to class, attendance, class student, class timetable, class teacher, subject teachers, school calendar, school articles, school notice board, message for parents, school Photo gallery, syllabus, exam dates, own profile … and generally check their student’s progress from any location via the Web!


It’s what you’re looking for in a Student Information System.

The power to automate tasks that take up staff time and effort.

The power to automate classroom tasks, freeing up your teachers to spend their time shaping the lives of students.
The power to connect with your faculty, staff, families and community – anywhere, anytime.And of course, the power to save money – and use your resources more effectively.

Educational research proves that parent involvement has a powerful positive impact on school success no matter what the student’s age—from preschool through high school. Now you can improve achievement at your school or district by helping all parents, even in vulnerable sub-groups, understand their valuable influence on student success.

We provide flexibility so that schools can implement DynamicSchoolWeb any time of the year. In fact, schools can implementDynamic SchoolWeb first for their administrative staff, and then later for their faculty at a time that best fits their needs.
INTEGRATED Dynamic SchoolWeb integration seamlessly shares data among administration, the classroom and home — requiring NO duplicate data entry and NO data syncing.
EASY We Make School Web Student Management System Easy to Implement and Own
AFFORDABLE we have done everything in our power to make Dynamic SchoolWeb affordable to schools of all sizes

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