What are the server requirements for Joomla?

What are the server requirements for Joomla?

Use of Joomla is very easy,  but  you required Web hosting services provider & support Joomla integration on server side as per Joomla requirement.

Astro Arts server is  perfect match for Joomla requirement ie Linux / MySql / Apache / GD2 / Curl etc.

The minimal Joomla 1.0.x server requirements are as follows:

PHP 4.2.x or above;

  • MySQL 3.23.x or above;
  • Apache 1.3.x or above;

The following additional server-side configuration is recommended:

  • PHP in suexec mod running as a CGI wrapper, especially suitable for shared hosting;
  • Register_globals turned off in PHP;
  • Linux OS platform.

SiteGround servers are optimized to meet all Joomla requirements and to provide the best web hosting environment for it.

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